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False Ceiling is the secondary ceiling used as decorating materials for the building roof, which conceals the actual roof height and dirty roofs. False Ceiling enhances the look and beauty of the plane roof. Any type of decoration, design can be obtained with the use of false ceilings.

False ceilings are made with varieties of materials like gypsum powder, metal, pvc false ceiling materials, plaster of Paris etc. Apart from being aesthetic, false ceiling roofs are fire resistant and facilitate easy installation of air conditioners, decorative lightings, pipes and ducts in the roof. Jayswal Agencies is one the well known false ceiling manufacturers in Bangalore. We have been supplying high quality false ceiling since three decades and have gained splendid knowledge and experience in the field. Jayswal Group is always known for customer service and qualitative products. There are many brands available like Celotex, Armstrong and Saint Gobain false ceiling in Bangalore.

False Ceiling Suppliers in Bangalore

We are the dealers for Saint Gobain, Celotex, Armstrong false ceilings in Bangalore and across Karnataka. We also supply T-Grid, PVC and Metal false ceiling materials for the buildings. We are one of the largest dealers for Saint Gobain false ceiling in Bangalore. Our products are always lauded by our clients for its quality, ease of use and economical price. We deliver the products on time and in desired location. Since the demand on these materials is on the rise year by year, we have set up a manufacturing plant exclusively for this product. Our plant has the capacity to supply the product in large volumes.

Celotex false ceiling in Bangalore is very popular and we are an authorized dealer for this. This is used widely in commercial buildings and offices. With vast experience in the field of building materials, today we have become household name in the area of interior decorating. As mentioned above, apart from our own brand, we promote many other international brand products. We are also the major Armstrong false ceiling dealers in Bangalore. Metal and PVC false ceiling are also very popular in Bangalore.