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False flooring or elevated flooring (also called raised flooring) is yet another interior decorating techniques which is used mostly in commercial establishment and offices. False flooring structure is obtained by variety of materials such as carpet tiles. They are suitable for modern office buildings, computer rooms, IT data centers, server rooms etc. Jayswal Agencies is one of the most known false flooring dealers in Bangalore. False flooring helps to conceal the cables, wires, LAN, electrical wiring, ducts, pipes etc from the floor.

False Flooring suppliers in Bangalore

We are a big name in this field since three decades. Our false flooring systems are safe and conform to international quality standards. They also offer exclusive features like fire resistance and corrosion resistance. We have the capability of supplying false flooring in different specifications and materials according to the customer requirements.

False Flooring is becoming more and more popular these days since people are most concerned about the look of their office and commercial buildings. Apart from being aesthetic, false flooring materials offer resistance to fire and corrosion. These two important properties are most desirable ones where the premise is prone to corrosion due to various environmental factors. The false floored floors are soft, easily maintainable, can be decorated and can contain attractive designs. False flooring is widely used in industries where in number of electrical lines, fluid carrying pipes, gas pipes, fuel pipes, water lines are used extensively. Using false flooring techniques, these pipes can be concealed under the floor. There are many false flooring manufacturers in Bangalore, who enjoys good support from other industrial sectors like IT, Real Estate, BT, Manufacturing Sectors etc.