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Fibre Glass insulation is one of the most common type of insulation methods used in buildings. Glass wool is made of fibres of glasses arranged in layers with binding materials. Glass wool is mainly used as thermal insulation and in some places as acoustic insulation. Jayswal Agencies is the major glass wool dealers in Bangalore. The key properties of glass wool are low weight, high tensile strength and very good resilience. We are one of the largest stockists of glass wool in Bangalore. We can supply these materials in bulk quantities.

Jayswal Agencies is one the well known glass wool suppliers in Bangalore, India. This is one of the most selling products in the entire Karnataka. Glass Wool is very commonly used in electrical and mechanical industries to its insulation properties. In some commercial buildings like shopping malls also they are being used. Glass wool is easily available, affordable and cost effective materials. Our customers can avail these materials in various quantities and specifications. Jayswal Agencies is very popular for interior decorating materials like false ceiling, pvc tiles, mineral tiles, fibre cement board, glass wool, plaser of Paris (POP), gypsum boards etc. Jayswal Agencies is one among the major POP manufacturers in Bangalore, Karnataka.