Jitex Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles


Jitex Mineral fiber ceilings are made up from a mixture of materials, from naturally occurring resources to recycled and processed materials. Our Mineral fiber ceiling systems boast excellent qualities including acoustic performance and fire resistance. With a huge selection to choose from, you can benefit from a ceiling system that fully complements the environment, offering a contemporary, attractive appearance that boasts great functionality.

The tiles are fixed on a GI modular grid system using Main Tee & Cross Tee with which grid system of 600 X 600mm is formed and tiles are laid for easy access and removal.

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Size:595mm X 595mm
Thickness:12mm & 15mm
Weight:2.60 Kg / m and 4.50 Kg / m
Available In:Square, Tegular & Microlook
Surface:Three coats of white paint
Back Side:Sanded and One Coat Paint

1. High durability.
2. High Sound Absorption
3. High humidity resistance
4. Effective thermal insulation
5. High light reflectance
6. Green and Eco – Product
7. Sound deadening flooring under layment.
7. Eco friendly and green product.

Humidity Resistance:99% RH
Fire Performance:Class 0 / Class 1 BSF476
Incombustible as per BSF 476 Part IV
Sound Absorption(NRC):0.50 - 0.60
Sound Attenuation:34 DB
Light Reflectance:>85%
Thermal Conductivity:K=0.52 - 0.57 W / mk

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